Wires, Wires Everywhere-Toss Them or Make Money From Them?

So as you look around have you noticed lots of old wires from retired computers, old electronics, home repair plus more? If yes, please check out this video. Some of your wires may have copper or aluminum in them.

The fact is many folks will toss those wires and someone will come down the street pick them up and add to a pile of stuff for the scrap yard. Before you toss, even if you do not have time to do it, call that family member who is out of a job right now and offer them the opportunity to get gas money.

One day I observed a young many actually stripping a lot of wires and putting the copper under  the wires into a very large pail. He explained to me that by stripping  the wire it generated more money at the scrap yard. But that I could always bring in the wires with the insulation and get  paid.


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