Take Your Books, Music, Electronics,Games, Movies, Collectibles to a Half Price Book Store Near You

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  • Take Your Books, Music, Electronics,Games, Movies, Collectibles to a Half Price Book Store Near You

I  am excited about this resource for selling clutter that may be a treasure to someone else that is face-to-face and not online.In my research for locations to sell on and offline I found Half Price Book Stores.  This company seems to have a heart. They not only purchase your items on the spot but they donate the overstock of what does not sell to non-profit organizations.

But it does not end there, they also provide an Educators Discount. That means affordable books, music etc, for teachers to purchase for their  classrooms. And oh, did I also mention that they have a Green Initiative? They are really concerned about the environment.

In 2016 there were 127 Half Price Book Stores in the USA where you can go in person with your items and receive cash. They are all currently a wee bit far for me to travel with my stuff right now from Jersey. But that may change one day.

In writing this post I visited the website and found a Customer Support phone number to see if there was an update on the number of stores they had since 2016. Now, I must admit I was thrilled to get, not a recording, but a bouncy, warm voice that appeared to be glad that I called.

I wanted to know how many stores are currently open and was told that there will be a store opening in Tennessee so it will be 128. Also, it is up to the individual stores if you wanted to send your items to them. But I am looking forward to their arrival to Jersey so I can walk in, shop for fun stuff while waiting for the cash for my items. (I know what happened to getting rid of the clutter? LOL)

So click on this link to find a location of a Half-Price  Book Store Near you.

I would appreciate your sharing  your experience if you go.

These are the type of items Half Price Book Stores purchases.

Click this link If you would like to know the buying policies for Half Price Book Store.

And, although, this site is supposed to be helping you declutter, as a reward for doing a good job maybe you can spurge and purchase some of you items online here? Only if you are making progress. LOL

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