10 Collectible Things You Can Sell on Facebook Market Place That Are Too Heavy or Complicated to Ship

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1. Classic/Vintage Cars Yes, you can sell your cool collectible car you have  restored or waiting for that car lover to restore. Of course you are not going ship unless you want to do freight, at buyers cost? So why not have folks come, check it out and either drive it away or have it […]

Etsy-Sell Your Clutter on This Site? Seriously?

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Yes,you can sell some of your clutter on Etsy. Many people view the site for just handmade items. But according to Etsy “Etsy’s marketplace includes handmade items, vintage items, and craft supplies. Reselling is only allowed in the vintage and craft supplies categories. Everything listed in our Handmade category must be made or designed by you, the seller. Reselling […]

Already Selling Your Clutter on Ebay? Consider Joining These Cutting-Edge Facebook Groups

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If you are not already selling some of your clutter and unused items on Ebay please consider doing so. Many of your items have the potential to sell domestically and internationally on this high traffic site. You can always check out Youtube videos to learn the basics for selling on Ebay it is an excellent […]

What About Those Piles of Silverware? Does it Have Scrap Value?

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If you have loads of silverware does it scrap value or should you just toss in the garbage? Some of your silverware may actually be sterling and should not be taken to the scrap yard but sold where you will get a good price for silver or as a collectible if it has the right […]

Recycle Your Metal Clutter And Make Money-Pots and Pans

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Before you just toss old equipment, used appliances plus other items in the dumpster there are some items that you can make money from by recycling them. Before I go any further please stop reading and go to  Google. Type in the following search phrase-Metal Recycling near me. Record the phone number of the facilities […]