How to Use the Ebay App to Research Current Market Value of Your Clutter in 5 Easy Steps

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How many times have you gone to a yard sale to hear the seller say “Its selling on Ebay for…?” But too often the price they are quoting may be a “This is what I am asking for price and not the actual SOLD PRICE?

Lets go back to our silverware. Some of you may want to try and get more than scrap value. If you download the Ebay App and do some research you might be pleasantly surprised. There is a way to see the current market value of your branded and unbranded silverware by looking at SOLD listings.


Follow these 5 easy steps to get started:

Step 1

Download the Ebay App to your phone or Ipad. Then click on the App.

Step 2

Once the app is open go to the bottom of the screen and click on SEARCH. Key in a search term. For this exercise I am using  Silverplate Silverware Tiffany. The first result shows 7 spoons at $110. If you stop here you will think that this is what they are being sold for but this is only what the seller is asking for as a starting bid or Buy it Now Price.    There were 18 other results but let’s just look at this one.                                                                     

Step 3

Go to the Top of the screen and CLICK the FILTER option. This is actually giving you an opportunity to narrow your search. For our purposes go down the list and click on SOLD. Once you select SOLD the option for COMPLETED listings will automatically be selected.

Step 4


Step 5

OBSERVE that the prices for all  the items that previously appeared in black will now be in GREEN. This is showing all the items for your search that  sold in the last 90 days on Ebay. In the case of our Tiffany Silver Plate 6 spoons sold for 94 dollars. However, the search also showed UNBRANDED SILVER PLATE SILVER WARE that sold for a surprising great price. That means you can pill up your stash and sell on Ebay.

Unbranded Silver Plated Silverware

Unbranded large LOT sold for $56 and buyer paid for shipping
Large lot sold for $32 and buyer paid for shipping
131 pieces of silver plated silver ware , unbranded, sold for 68 dollars and buyer paid for shipping.

So, lets start researching your stuff and get cash! Please share your progress.


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