How to Sell Your Stuff Even if It is Broken and Bruised it is Still Beautiful to Someone Else

Lot of Broken Jewelry Often Sells for Crafts Creations

Some of your stuff you can sell, both broken and bruised online , flea markets and at yard sales. The best proof you have of this fact is the demand for supplies to make handmade items. Also, the infinite ways artisans use items we would normally toss in the dumpster.

I think my best introduction to this fact was when my husband put a camera up on Ebay that no longer worked. He indicated that it needed repair and was snatched up by someone who could bring new life to it.


My husband is an artist, Raymond Horner. He once did an exhibit which contained colorful abstract which contained “found objects” like wood etc. to form geometric designs. Assemblage is an artistic process. In the visual arts, it consists of making three-dimensional or two-dimensional artistic compositions by putting together found objects.

Abstract Assemblage Painting by Ray Horner Jr.


That round circle, for example, is actually a piece of wood.

Watch parts are needed by people who repair watches. Jewelry parts are needed by people who make jewelry. Old magazine and pictures are needed by people who do scrapbooks or collages. And the list goes on.

If someone makes cloth masks, they will need fabric. So, all those reams of fabric you brought 5 years ago to do a handmade project is still just sitting there. You have, since that time, decided to go into basket weaving so you no longer have interest.

Where Can You Sell These Items?

Ebay, Etsy, and Facebook Marketplace are popular places to sell your items. Also, if you are in any private or public Facebook or LinkedIn Craft Groups.

I found this store on Etsy. Glean through it to get some ideas for things you can sell.

Notice that this store has had 7,149 sales. I was so impressed with this idea that I started a group on Etsy with the name Stufftomakecreations  only because the other shop beat me to it. (LOL) I am having fun putting up broken and bruised items and look forward to locating new and used items that are feeling neglected.


Search in Etsy, Facebook MarketPlace or Ebay and search for the items you may have. Add the words Broken or Need Repair in your search. For example if you key in POCKET WATCHES add the words broken or needs repair.

What About Books?

Books? If you have old books with colorized or black and white illustration plates and the binding is in poor condition you can find a new home for them. Some people actually resell the pictures. Other  people will repair your book and keep or sell.

Here is a sample listing that is on Etsy.

Antique Book of Common Prayer and Hymns Ancient and Modern Leatherbound – Needing Repair Oxford University Press


On Facebook MarketPlace this listing speaks volumes.

“Criterion set of speakers these are very expensive speakers on eBay take a look NEED REPAIR”


Have you done a look in your garage lately? Any old used car parts?

If you have

Allow you mind to do inventory and the sky is the limit. I would love to hear how you are doing. If you need more help Sign up for a 1 Hour Coaching Session and get 1 Hour FREE

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7 Ways to Sell, Donate or Repurpose Your Stuff

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7 Ways to Sell, Donate or Repurpose Your Stuff

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