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How to Sell Your Stuff Even if It is Broken and Bruised it is Still Beautiful to Someone Else

Some of your stuff you can sell, both broken and bruised online , flea markets and at yard sales. The best proof you have of this fact is the demand for supplies to make handmade items. Also, the infinite ways artisans use items we would normally toss in the dumpster. I think my best introduction […]

Already Selling Your Clutter on Ebay? Consider Joining These Cutting-Edge Facebook Groups

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If you are not already selling some of your clutter and unused items on Ebay please consider doing so. Many of your items have the potential to sell domestically and internationally on this high traffic site. You can always check out Youtube videos to learn the basics for selling on Ebay it is an excellent […]

How to Use the Ebay App to Research Current Market Value of Your Clutter in 5 Easy Steps

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How many times have you gone to a yard sale to hear the seller say “Its selling on Ebay for…?” But too often the price they are quoting may be a “This is what I am asking for price and not the actual SOLD PRICE? Lets go back to our silverware. Some of you may […]