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10 Collectible Things You Can Sell on Facebook Market Place That Are Too Heavy or Complicated to Ship

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1. Classic/Vintage Cars Yes, you can sell your cool collectible car you have  restored or waiting for that car lover to restore. Of course you are not going ship unless you want to do freight, at buyers cost? So why not have folks come, check it out and either drive it away or have it […]

How to Sell Your Stuff Even if It is Broken and Bruised it is Still Beautiful to Someone Else

Some of your stuff you can sell, both broken and bruised online , flea markets and at yard sales. The best proof you have of this fact is the demand for supplies to make handmade items. Also, the infinite ways artisans use items we would normally toss in the dumpster. I think my best introduction […]

Sell Your Stuff at a Facebook LIVE Auction Without Leaving Your House

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It’s 10:00 at night and Sally is working on the computer while listening to a “Live Facebook Auction. The seller is describing a purse so she leaves the screen she was on to peek at the purse on Facebook Auction site active on another browser.  She bids on the purse and wins the bid. She […]

Estate Sales? Tag Sales? Garage Sales? Yard Sales- Sell Your Stuff!

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Some people call them tag sales, garage sales and yard sales but regardless of the name know that you can sell your clutter and perceived trash on them. Tag Sales/Estate Sales In some parts of the country this is also called an Estate Sale. Rather than items being sold by the homeowner directly to the […]

Do You Have Brand Name Clothes But Do Not Have Time to Take Anywhere or Put Online?

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If you have brand name clothes but just do not feel like or have time to take to a non-profit or sell online there is an online consignment shop you can use called ThredUP. It is for when you desire to get rid of anything that’s gently worn, anything that doesn’t fit well, and anything […]