Already Selling Your Clutter on Ebay? Consider Joining These Cutting-Edge Facebook Groups

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If you are not already selling some of your clutter and unused items on Ebay please consider doing so. Many of your items have the potential to sell domestically and internationally on this high traffic site.

You can always check out Youtube videos to learn the basics for selling on Ebay it is an excellent source for learning. I always advise folks to look only at videos that are less than 2 years old.

To stay current with Ebay changes it is important that you READ those, what may seem to be annoying, newletter updates sent in your Ebay messenger. Please do not ignore these notifications just because it is not an offer or from a buyer.

But you can lean on the shoulders of giants by joining some of the Ebay Selling Groups on Facebook. I can personally highly recommend a couple of groups  that I simply adore and walk away empowered with each visit. And DO NOT BE SHY ABOUT ASKING QUESTIONS. I have never gotten a “Duh, you did not know that?” attitude.

Also, even if you visit these sites when you are tempted to buy more stuff you will be the richer for making that decision. I guess I am stuck on these sites because I know the admins to be dedicated to helping others succeed.

Check them out when you can. If you are part of others please share.

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