Turn Your Paper CLUTTER into Digital Cash

Etsy.com is a great place to create a digital store and sell some of your paper clutter. Below are ideas to hopefully inspire you to look at your clutter with new eyes.

1. Start with your old work files

Before you toss those old files from jobs you have had. Look more closely at them Remember that invoice form you created for your job that you never got the recognition in your paycheck? Or those finance forms you created to make the workflow of your department easier?

Well, if you revise them, they can benefit someone else.

For example, I read about one seller who was always creating worksheets. She tended to make a new worksheet anytime she got stressed about her work, so she decided to publish them as digital products.

2. Check out top sellers on Etsy that sell digital products.

See if you get any ideas from looking at their items. Be sure to look at how many sales they have had since they opened their shop. Do you have something similar in your paper clutter?

3.  Digitize Specialty Documents and Forms

Do you have a specific skill set that you used to use in your own business. For example, if you run a Daycare Business are there forms you can digitize and sell. Check out this shop on Etsy that specializes in Daycare forms and documents.


4. Sell Photos

Do you have any interesting photos? Some of us hoard photos from long ago that captured scenes that others are looking to include in their scrapbook or collage creations.  You can scan those photos, apply a water mark and show that as the product you are selling. The digital item the customer receives can be in a Word, JPG . Photoshop or PDF format. .

It is important to include details about the type of format your buyer will receive in your description and title. Also, in the title indicate that they will be receiving a digital format and not a physical item.

5. Digitize your old handouts, lesson plans and courses

If you were a trainer or teacher consider sharing your old handouts as a digital download. Of course, you can also share an entire course as a digital e-book. Want folks to hear your voice? Well, you can also attach a digital file as an instant download in an .mp3 format.

6. Digitize sketches, drawings etc

If you are an artist or even anyone who enjoys drawing consider those old drawings you thought no one would want or you thought were not good enough to go on your website. Not true because, if you do not mind, that sketch of the countryside with bright colors might just show up as a virtual zoom background.

Also, do you still have those old colored drawings your children and grands have given you? You can create digital copies for someone to use in their scrapebook, on their websites plus more!

7. Also, Consider the following types of paper for digital sales from your clutter.

·         Old tickets or ticket stubs

·         Vintage magazine ads

·         Vintage magazine picture covers.

·         Vintage theater programs

·         Picture of art drawings down by children and grands

There is much more. If you have any questions just respond in the comments. Much success and If you set up that store please share it.



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7 Ways to Sell, Donate or Repurpose Your Stuff

We don’t spam! Read our privacy policy for more info.

7 Ways to Sell, Donate or Repurpose Your Stuff

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