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  • Estate Sales? Tag Sales? Garage Sales? Yard Sales- Sell Your Stuff!

Some people call them tag sales, garage sales and yard sales but regardless of the name know that you can sell your clutter and perceived trash on them.

Tag Sales/Estate Sales

In some parts of the country this is also called an Estate Sale. Rather than items being sold by the homeowner directly to the buyer they are often run by professionals. If you hire a professional to do your sale it may take place in portions of your house, garage and outside.

The professionals will take care of advertising, assessment of item values,point of contact sales or auctions, distribution of unsold items to charities, oversight of the sale to prevent theft plus more for a percentage of the profit.  You do not have to be onsite while the sale is going on. That can be a good thing because you will not be tempted to snatch back some of your clutter.

Some companies will even give you help in decluttering and make solid suggestions. You have an opportunity to decide what to keep, sell or toss. The professionals will also section off areas you do NOT want strangers searching through.

If you are looking for a professional to handle your sale consider going to Estate and contact the people handling the sales being advertised. There are two places on the first page of the site to search for a company near you.


In the next post I will talk about garage and yard sales. Meanwhile please share your insights and contacts for Estate Sale professionals.



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