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  • Sell Your Stuff at a Facebook LIVE Auction Without Leaving Your House

It’s 10:00 at night and Sally is working on the computer while listening to a “Live Facebook Auction. The seller is describing a purse so she leaves the screen she was on to peek at the purse on Facebook Auction site active on another browser.  She bids on the purse and wins the bid. She then sends her PayPal email and zip code in a message to the seller.

The  next day she gets a message from the seller letting her know her invoice has been sent. She goes to her PayPal and pays the invoice using her debit option since there was not enough in her PayPal account. The seller receives her payment, prints out a shipping label and sends her  the tracking number.

When she gets her item she is a happy woman.

If you are interested join some of the auction groups listed below. Become a buyer to know how it works on the buying end. Then, when you are ready to be a seller contact the ADMIN of the groups to find out  the process and rules.

I have listed some Facebook Auctions I am familiar with. If you know of others please comment.

I will post more on this topic later.

Antiques and Collectibles

Facebook Live Auctions and Sales

Facebook Live Auctions and Static Sales

ATC Live Jewelry Auctions

Bid to Win Live

C&J Treasures and Unique Finds

Clear Lake Auction Barn

Live Auctions by Sabrina and Friends

A Diamond in the Rough-Live Jewelry, Ephemera, Collectibles, Etc

“ Auction Addicts “ Jewelry And MORE …

Montana Gal & Friends Jewelry Live Auctions & More

Baby Boomer Collectibles Live Auctions/BIN

Sun and Moon Auction Market

Auction Attic

Antics & Collectibles

Pacific 2 Atlantic

JAA Live Auctions

Accessories and Beyond

Handmade USA Creations Live Auctions

Please add other groups via the comments


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