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If I had to create a mnemonic for  SWAP it would be Sell What’s Always Present.  Yes. that means those things that are still taking up valuable real estate in our home.

If you go to Facebook and search for the term Swap and include the name of your town prepare to be surprised at the number of groups you may see Note that each group has it’s own rules and reason for existing.  I know one group who indicates to all sellers that if they do not live within the designated towns in the Swap the seller must deliver to the area and meet the buyer or deliver directly to their home.

Some groups only allow you to sell certain items. But there are soooo many Swap groups you can actually post the same item in several Swaps. Take good pictures and provide the price and a solid description then be prepared to get private messages inquiring about your item.

Just like Facebook Marketplace you need to indicate when the item is sold.  Also be sure to show all sides of your item in pictures when you post.  Go to the search  area for that particular group and search for the item you are attempting to sell. This will provide a history of the  kinds of prices other sellers were able to get on the site.

So start the research TODAY and read the description of the group and request entry. Be sure to answer all the preliminary questions that may be needed for the administrators to decide if they will accept you in the group.


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