Clutter is not a stranger to many of us. Some of it we are attached to which makes it so hard to let it go. Some of our clutter also has monetary value plus memories. That makes them OUR special treasures. And some if it is just pure trash to us that may or may not have cash value.

The process of de-cluttering has become a science mastered  by many people who are coaches, therapists and consultants. They are invaluable and if you are an expert please share your insights and referral information. But this blog will examine the potential “stuff” cash value that can, perhaps, pay a bill or provide vacation money, plus an opportunity to buy more clutter? LOL

So, pack your bags, (not too many), as we begin the journey of  exploring the things that can be turned into cash. Just think about it not only will reducing the clutter help us mentally and physically but it can also help us financially. How awesome !

I would appreciate your input and wisdom as we travel together. I hope it will be fun and educational at the same time.

PS No passport need.



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7 Ways to Sell, Donate or Repurpose Your Stuff

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