Have Gold Clutter?

Believe it or not some folks have broken pieces of gold cluttering their jewelry boxes, dresser draws and shelves. So should you toss it? Of course not! Gather it and flip it.

If you do not have a testing kit bring it to a jewelers or place that purchases gold. But I advise you to go to at least 3 places within a two hour window to compare prices. I would then use the location  that explained how much they paid via something called penny weight or grams. Which ever location gives you the best price is where you may desire to sell your scrap.

Be prepared to provide a picture ID. Do not be annoyed by this because legally they should ask. I would probably shy away from a place  that does not ask because it is a protection against stolen items.

Gold as of the date of this blog post is $1805 per ounce. A reliable place to see the current price is on Kitco. Do your homework before you go to someone so that you can better decide where to redeem your clutter that may be able to pay a bill. You will not get the full price you see online but you want to sell to the person that will give the highest price close to it. After all everyone has to get a piece of the sale.

I found an excellent article that makes sense out of reselling your gold clutter. 

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