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  • Do You Have Brand Name Clothes But Do Not Have Time to Take Anywhere or Put Online?

If you have brand name clothes but just do not feel like or have time to take to a non-profit or sell online there is an online consignment shop you can use called ThredUP.

It is for when you desire to get rid of anything that’s gently worn, anything that doesn’t fit well, and anything that no longer excites you.

As you already know, it’s useful to pull everything out, then only put back clothes that you actually will wear in the future, leaving out all of the pieces that don’t fit in some way or another. Not only will this likely eliminate quite a bit of your clothes, it’ll also give you a chance to rearrange them into a more sensible system and refresh your wardrobe a bit as you’ll be bringing forth some clothes that “drifted” to the back over years or months.

ThredUP is an online consignment store offering to buy your clothing and sell gently used clothing online.

The attractive thing is that you can order a “Clean Out Kit” bag fill it with the items you want to sell or donate to a charity and send the bag back to them. However, there are only certain brands they will accept.  These are the items they want right now. Those items they do not accept will be sent back to you (for a small fee) or responsibly recycled. (Great place to shop for designer clothes-but that is not the intention of this post-LOL)

So if you give it a try please share your progress with the rest of us. Please note that you can also make money in their referral program. But you must first be a customer and get a clean out kit yourself.





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