10 Collectible Things You Can Sell on Facebook Market Place That Are Too Heavy or Complicated to Ship

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1954 Classic Mercury Car on sale on Facebook Marketplace

1. Classic/Vintage Cars

Yes, you can sell your cool collectible car you have  restored or waiting for that car lover to restore. Of course you are not going ship unless you want to do freight, at buyers cost? So why not have folks come, check it out and either drive it away or have it towed if it needs a new battery. LOL

2.  China

I know too many baby boomers who have china that their children just do not want. But guess what there is a collector out there looking for it. My suggestion, of course, is do some basic research on value before you sell each plate for $1.00. Of course you will not get what you might get on Ebay or Etsy but it will sell to that r eseller or collector.  Just have some old newspaper available so you can wrap each piece and place in a box. Also some close up pictures of the pattern and a complete setting with the number of pieces indicated will be helpful.

Go ahead if you don’t believe me, check out listings for China in the Market Place to get your juices flowing.

3. Working and Not Working Vintage and Antique Electronics

That beautiful Victrola that needs a needle and huge wooden stereo speakers are all on the Market Place. Just make sure that if it is not working that you indicate that in the title. But don’t be quick to toss it yet.  A reseller may have a market for it to a collector that will fix it as their hobby.

My husband and I once sold a pair of old collectible speakers to a reseller who traveled 2 states to pick up with cash in hand one early Sunday Morning at 7:30 am.

When my husband restores old speakers and sell them online he usually spends almost half a day making them bomb proof so they do not get damaged in transport. We love it when they can be sold on the Market Place however, if no bits back to the packing.


4. Stamp Book Lots

I have seen loads of stamp book lots I wish I could drive and pick up. They seller was not shipping those heavy books out and only agreed to local pick up. So if for some reason you have a LOT of stamps you can make them available on the Market Place.


5. China Cabinets

Before the Market Place existed I did an early morning 4 hour sale on my front porch to raise money. A friend of mine gave me an awesome wooden china cabinet. Some came to my house that morning brought wit without any negotiation on my part for 200.00. I gave a$100 to my friend who needed it and we were both happy.

But today I would research it and sell it for a reasonable percentage on the Market Place. Do you have one?

6. Designer Furniture

Someone is selling a Ralph Lauren piece but did not put the name in the title. Please, Please include the name of your furniture in the title. Be sure to look in side drawers, back of pieces for plates etc.

7.  Vintage Bed Frames

Bed frames sell on the Market Place but if you have something like a Victorian Bed Frame they will sell well. We have sold a bed frame on the Market Place and had several inquires within a short period of time. It was better that wrapping and shipping. LOL

8. Vintage Cameras and Photo Developing Materials

Once upon a time we were going to do a photo development darkroom in our basement. We had the items but never did it. So we sold it before the Market Place was in our life to a local buyer. You can do the same for old cameras that collectors will come and pick up without having to do meticulous packing.

9.  Records, Records, Records

As a buyer and online seller of records I have had boxes of records that never made it online. Packing records like 78’s for example, is a labor of love that sometimes you just do not love enough. So, hence the Market Place is great for selling those stacks of records.

Resellers will come and pick up the box and cherry pick later. I you want them to hang around and cherry pick on your back deck be sure to have an individual record price ready or lot sale price.

10. Vintage Jewelry Lots

Jewelry lovers and resellers always look for that  hoard of jewelry they can look through and find those special  marked items. They are looking for marked designer names, gems and lets not forget that silver and gold that you did not see in the pile.

Some folks on the Market Place pile it up or sell entire jewelry boxes teaming over with jewelry. Not only is it fun to go through for jewelry lovers, but resellers have a ball also.

Hope this is enough to get you going. Let me know some of your listings.


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7 Ways to Sell, Donate or Repurpose Your Stuff

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7 Ways to Sell, Donate or Repurpose Your Stuff

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